Welcome Stranger,

To the world of the Wolven.

Welcome to the fire that lurks within.

Welcome to...Volcano Pack.

Legends. Those things that aren't real, that don't exist. The monsters that hide under your bed, the boogeymen your parents swear aren't really there, those monsters and creatures that roam about the vicious realm of the night, killing in the dark and slaughtering all in their blood soaked path. Those are legends, yes, myths and stories told to small children in an effort to make them behave...but not all legends fall into the same category, can claim the same space. Just as not all legends have disappeared...

There are those that do not use the darkness to hide their activities, that do not conceal their presence from the world of man, the kingdom that continues to flourish even now, to this very day and age. Tell me...have you heard of the new legend? Have you heard of...Wolven?

Tell me, if you knew what roamed about in the dark, would you run?

If you witnessed the fire that burns in our hearts, would you flee for your very life?